Keely + Matt // Couples Boudoir

Happy Monday, yall! After a year of taking breaks, feeling down on my work and trying to figure out life and my art, I’ve decided to start blogging my sessions again. I want to be able to look back at a cohesive collection 10-20 years from now and really be proud of seeing my name on it. Here’s to fresh starts and moving forward! 

I had the pleasure of shooting some intimate portraits for a really beautiful couple recently. They are both badass silversmiths and create beautiful art. I’ve been collecting Keely’s amazing jewelry for a few years now, so it was such a pleasure to get to share my art form with her! Keely and Matt are both individually awesome humans, but even better as a pair. They had so much chemistry and love for one another that I barely had to do my job. I’m very proud of these images and I truly hope you enjoy them. Until next time! 

xx Hutch

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